JCTE, Vol.4 2020

Digital Transformation of Teacher Education by Bridging Digital Divide between Teacher Educators and Prospective Teachers

Aysha Khalil,Nasim Ishaq &Andayani Boedihartono   

Students’ Discipline Problems and Classroom anagement Strategies to Cope with the Problems: Teachers’ Perspective

Maqsood Ahmed & Ishtiaq Hussain

Is Theory Really Different from Practice? (A Reflection Further Explored Based on Expert Opinion

Muhammad Rizwan Saleem Sandhu

An Assessment of Stipulated Processes and Rate of compliance by Private Schools for the Establishment of Private Secondary Schools in Kaduna State, Nigeria

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Olomola Olubunmi Samson & Mohammed Umar Sanda

Development and Application of Structural Communication Grid Tests for Diagnosing Students’ Misconceptions in the Subject of Biology at Secondary Level

Shahzad Ahmad & Sadia Jamil

Perceptions of High School Head Teachers about Improving the High School Teachers Performance through High-Performance Work System

Shamsa Parveen & Shamim Haider Tirmizi

Examining the Role of Teachers in the Provision of Guidance and Counselling at Secondary School Level

Tahir Mehmood & Rahmat Ullah Bhatti

Vol. 3 (2019)

Table of Contents

Concept Process with Mathematical Thinking Tools under the Domain of Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development
Muhammad Khalil, Zahoor-ul-Haq
Development and Validation of Biology Attitude Scale for Secondary
School Students in Islamabad, Pakistan
Shahzad Ahmad, Sadia Jamil
Dimension Wise Difference in Planning Instructional Strategies at
Secondary Level in Pakistan
Sidra Rizwan
Effect of Senior Secondary School Students’ Exposure to Formative
Testing on Performance in Biology in Ekiti State, Nigeria
Adekunle T. Olutola, Henry O. Owolabi
Needs Analysis of Designing Course Materials for Primary Education
Studies (PES) Students of Federal College of Education, Yola Adamawa State of Nigeria Learning Arabic for Specific Purposes (ASP)
Jabir Abdullahi
A Study of Prospective Teachers’ Professional Knowledge and its
Practice at Secondary Level
Nawab Gul,  Rabia Tabassum, Irfan Ullah
Teachers’ Perception about Assessment of Handwriting  among
Hearing Impaired Children
Hafiz Tahir Jameel, Fozia Waqar, Tricia Jokerst

JCTE, Vol 1, No 1 (2017)

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