Implementation of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Policy in Open Distance Learning Teacher Education Programs in Pakistan

Muhammad Ajmal


The study aimed to explore the existing practices in the implementation of accreditation and quality assurance measures of teacher education programs running through open distance learning in Pakistan and to probe dichotomy or policy disconnects in proposed implementation of an external accreditation and quality assurance system for teacher education program through distance education institutions. Currently the Higher Education Commission (HEC), a regulatory body of higher education is responsible for accreditation and quality assurance in higher education institutions in Pakistan. The National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (NACTE) has been given authority to develop certain mandatory standards to be practiced by all higher education institutions of the country. It is found that distance education institutions of the country are also governed by the same accreditation and quality assurance rules/regulations which are in vogue for other higher education institutions of the formal education system that indicates an enormous dichotomy or policy disconnect. This research guided appropriate direction towards the implementation of the quality assurance and the accreditation process for institutions running through open and distance learning system.