Perception about Nature of Science and its Incorporation in Teaching at Secondary Level

Waseem Ahmed, Rahmat Ullah Bhatti                                                         


The present study was designed to explore the perception of science teachers about nature of Science (NOS) and its incorporation in their teaching. The participants in this study were science teachers teaching at secondary level in Islamabad Model Colleges (IMCs). The frequency of the participants is 120 science teachers, consisting of 60 males and 60 females. The instrument used in the study was the 3-point Likert scale. The statistical tests used were percentage, correlation coefficient and association. The major findings of the study are that the out of five tenets of NOS: tentativeness, empirical, imagination and creativity, subjectivity and theory-laden, and socio-cultural embedded, science teachers appreciate the first three tenets and do not appreciate the rest of two tenets and whatever they perceive, they incorporate as such in their teaching. The recommendations of the study are: the NOS may be considered while constructing the curriculum  of  science subjects  and training courses of science teachers . Moreover ,along with the full continuum of tenets of NOS, the two less appreciated tenets of this study should also be investigated by the researchers of the science education field.