A Study of Prospective Teachers’ Professional Knowledge and its Practice at Secondary Level

Nawab Gul, Rabia Tabassum & Irfan Ullah


The study aimed to investigate the prospective teachers’ professional knowledge and its practice at secondary level and to examine the impact of different factors that affect the professional knowledge and its practice. All the 210 prospective teachers (students) of B.Ed and M.Ed, programs of Northern University Nowshera constituted population of the study. A sample of 105 prospective teachers of B.Ed and M.Ed programs were randomly selected. A questionnaire was used as data collection instrument. The collected data was analyzed through Chi square. On the basis of findings it was concluded that the teachers can improve the students’ academic performance by advising them to study additional text related books. It was also found that sharing of problems with teachers can solve many problems of students. So it is recommended that teachers should guide their students to study subject related books for further clarification of concepts and it is also recommended that the teachers must provide guidance and counseling to the students regarding (personal problems).The study was significant for all stakeholders in education including teachers, students, educational authorities and policy makers.