Needs Analysis of Designing Course Materials for Primary Education Studies (PES) Students of Federal College of Education, Yola Adamawa State of Nigeria Learning Arabic for Specific Purposes (ASP)

Jabir Abdullahi


This paper carried out needs analysis with the aim at shedding light on the necessity for the innovative course materials that will be designed and developed for the effective teaching and learning of the Arabic courses, specifically for the learners in the department of Primary Education Studies (PED).The population of the study comprised of one hundred and seventy five (175) NCE II students, who took PED 219 (Arabic in Primary Education 11), in first semester NCE II as well as PED 126 ( Arabic in Primary Education 1)  in their second semester NCE I 2017/2018 academic session. One hundred and twenty (120) students were selected using simple random sampling.  Quantitative data was obtained by means of 4-point Likert Scale. The data was analyzed by using frequencies, simple percentages and weighted average. The findings reaffirmed the added advantages of learning Arabic language for the learners, educational system and national integration. The study also found that learning Arabic language requires instructional materials and relative courseware that will make the learning more effective. Parental misconception, religion undertone as well as students Arabic backgrounds were also identified as added challenges to the effective learning of Arabic language.