Effect of Senior Secondary School Students’ Exposure to Formative Testing On Performance in Biology in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Adekunle T. Olutola & Henry O. Owolabi


This is a pretest-posttest, quasi experimental study of the effects of formative testing procedures on Biology performance of senior secondary school students. Attempt was made to find out whether formative testing with remediation and without remediation across gender would affect the Biology performance of senior secondary school students. The 3 × 2 factorial design was adopted and a sample of 90 senior secondary school two (SSS 2) students consisting of forty-nine males and forty-one females was drawn. The science class of SS2 in each of the selected schools was included in the study. Six tests were developed and used for data collection. Data collected for the study were analyzed with the analysis of covariance. Findings showed that the students in experimental group one (formative testing with remediation) performed better in Biology than students in experimental group two and control group (formative testing without remediation and no formative testing). It also revealed that gender has no significant effect on Biology performance of students but there was a significant interactive effect of gender and formative testing on their performance. Based on these findings, formative testing with remediation was recommended as an alternative assessment technique to enhance students’ performance in Biology at secondary level.